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♡ Sakizo : Artbooks, cards and tights ♡

During the Doll Classica Tea Party I bought some items with Sakizo’s illustrations. I love this artist and I really would like to get her new artbooks. I already have one artbook called « Afternoon Tea » (vol.6) I bought when Sakizo came to … Continuer la lecture

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❖Doll Classica Tea Party ~ Paris❖

As every beginning of July, the french Lolita associations Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban and Le Chemin de Briques Roses organized a tea party to gather Lolitas from all parts of France and also foreign Lolitas ! This year, the event … Continuer la lecture

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♥ Sakizo design items ♥ ~ mes coups de coeur ~

I made this article probably too late but I’m really falling in love with these tights. The design is a creation from the great japanese illustrator Sakizo, and you know that I love her works so much! I don’t know … Continuer la lecture

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