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REVIEW ◆ Kiss Me ~ jewelry ◆

After two months without posting, I finally find out time to write again! I have a lot of ideas so I will try to post every week here. And I start with a special unboxing form Aliexpress. For the story, … Continuer la lecture

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♥ PurgatoryPlaythings ♥ ~ mes coups de coeur ~

As a child I used to like bones, not as something morbid (well, yes, bones represents death for many people) but as something natural and beauty like semi-precious stones or some dried flowers. Recently I discovered Purgatory Playthings, a creator … Continuer la lecture

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◆ Review shopping ~ crm-1 (ebay) ◆

En juillet j’ai fait quelques commandes sur ebay pour profiter de bonnes affaires et voici enfin le dernier achat arrivé (avant il y a eu mes platforms à piques, un serre-tête à piques et des collants). J’ai tout de suite … Continuer la lecture

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